Quick and easy chocolate mousse

Quick and easy chocolate mousse


Difficulty Easy
Prep time 20 min
Cooling time 2 hours minimum in refrigerator
Servings 4 to 6

Here are two very easy ways to make a chocolate mousse. The first one (variant 1) uses fine sugar but no egg yolk. The second one (variant 2) uses the egg yolks but does not require sugar. Taste comes out pretty similar. Choosing one or the other is more a matter of dietary preferences.

The videos below might help those who need visual guidance. They were posted by popular, if not famous, French chefs or cooking websites. If the video contains audio commentaries in French, you can ignore them, all necessary directions are explained below!


- 7 oz / 200 gr dark chocolate, about 55% cocoa content, 65% max.

- 6 eggs (large or extra large), or 6 oz of egg whites for variant 1 only

- 2.8 oz / 80 gr superfine sugar, for variant 1 only

As always in cooking, quality of ingredients matters. For chocolate mousse, quality chocolate will make a big difference.


2 large mixing bowls, one heat-resistant; large pot, only if using Bain Marie method to melt the chocolate; wooden or heat-resistant silicone spatula; electric mixer with whisk, or manual whisk.


Variant 1 - With added sugar, no egg yolk

The first video below shows every step from start to finish.


Put chocolate squares in a heat-resistant bowl and melt them in a microwave, or in the pot, "au Bain Marie".

The video below shows the Bain Marie method, which allows a gentle melting of the chocolate. When the water starts boiling, rest the bowl in the pot and turn burner down to medium heat. Water should simmer, not boil. From time to time, stir the chocolates for even melting.


Separate yolk from egg whites and pour egg whites in a squeaky clean bowl.

Separation of egg whites is the only slightly tricky part of the recipe. Make sure no egg yolk ends up in the bowl with the egg whites. Otherwise, beaten egg whites will not rise well.


3.1 Beat egg whites with mixer or manual whisk.

Start beating medium speed, progressively increase speed and beat until egg whites have expanded and look firm. Egg whites at room temperature will rise better.

If you don't have an electric mixer, the video below shows how to beat egg whites with a manual whisk. You will notice the chef adds a sprinkle of salt and a zest of lemon; this is totally optional.

3.2 Add sugar and keep beating for just a few additional seconds. Prolonged beating would burst the air bubbles that expanded the egg whites.


Add egg whites to melted chocolate with spatula.

Chocolate should be lukewarm. If too hot, it will melt the egg whites.

Incorporate egg whites in 3 1/3rds of roughly equal volume. Be careful not to squash the egg whites with the spatula. Instead, fold them gently into the chocolate from the bottom of the bowl, making your way up the bowl with the spatula in a circular move.


Leave the mixture in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours. Before serving, why not drop mint leaves or a few berries on top. Up to you!

The mousse will taste best if eaten within 24 hours, but will keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours, IF the eggs are very fresh.

Variant 2 - With egg yolks, no added sugar

STEPS 1 & 2

Same as in variant 1.


3.1 Same as in variant 1.

3.2 Use spatula to mix and blend egg yolks with melted chocolate.

STEP 4 & 5

Same as in variant 1.

Bon appétit!

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