An intro to Formae recipes

An intro to Formae recipes

Cooking is an essential act

During those troubled covid times, shopping for home objects may take a back seat. So, at Formae, we are turning our attention to cooking, an essential act, with many virtues, beyond its primary function of feeding us. Here are just a few:

- Cooking as a reassuring routine to an uncertain time, especially for kids;

- Co-cooking, as a way to share enjoyable moments, at home, or via teleconference;

- Cooking as an easy and generous way to put a smile on the mouth that taste it, and in the process, strikes back at the darn smile-suppressant that covid is!

- Cooking as a way to thank those busy saving the lives of others, or keeping the lives of others going as normally as possible; 

- Cooking as an act of generosity towards those who just cannot afford it. 

About Formae recipes

Now, on to the recipes:

The recipes that Formae will publish, every day during confinement, have a common denominator: they are 1) simple, 2) mostly French, and 3) somewhat uncommon in the U.S.

We are not reinventing the wheel though. The recipes are from trusted, if not famous, French chefs or cooking websites.

So here is our first recipe: a ridiculously tasty and simple-to-make chocolate mousse.

One last thing. If you can, please consider donating to a fantastic charity that Formae supports: The Forgotten International. They fund grassroots programs that support people, women and children in particular, who probably have never been able to afford a chocolate mousse.

Have fun cooking, bon appétit!