Charitable donation

Formae donates 1% of its gross margin (revenues minus purchase cost of good sold) to The Forgotten International (TFI), a quite incredible non-for-profit organization committed to relieving poverty, especially that which is experienced by women and children.

Ever since I have known Tom Nazzario, the President and Founder of TFI, I have been impressed by his life-long commitment to social justice, his unquestionable integrity and many philanthropic achievements.

100% of donations to TFI are allocated to humanitarian projects, primarily in very poor countries, where just a few dollars can make a significant difference. Often too small for larger NGOs, these projects save lives.

Formae 1% pledge is a modest way to help TFI help those in need.

In the Formae cart, you also can make a donation to TFI, should you wish to. 100% goes to TFI, after payment processing charge.

(Formae founder)